We are open for strategic long term partnership purely based on mutual understanding of go to market strategies combining mutual strengths for our innovations to get into fastest mode of market penetration in the Global markets. In the current scenario we have deep knowledge in In-silico studies with a database of around one lakh molecules.  Our strategic focus areas include for mutual partnerships for the potential molecules we have already found great success pathway as per the In-silico studies covering TB cure with single molecule for several forms of TB(IC50  value is 70-200nm), Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer, Type-2 diabetes, AML, prostate cancer, Liquid and solid tumors, lung cancer(Delta G -12.86, Dissociation constant - in pico moles -Compound number 78, DeltaG -12.54, Dissociation constant - in pico moles -Compound number 54)  , oral & lukaemia cancer, Inflammation and auto immune disorder, H.I.V, fungal protein, malaria and  Dengue.

The criteria for selecting partnerships will be based on in house facilities like In-vitro studies, In-Vivo Studies and going forward for clinical trials Phase 1 to 4 as per regulatory appovals  for global market penetration in the shortest time.  The Worldwide Market share of these drugs will run into Bilions of Dollars.  In today's modern World one molecule drug discovery to marketing cost is around US$2.6Billions and with advanced Bioinformatics and AI, Expert Systems, Neural Logic's and High End Computing systems it is predicted to decrease to US$1.5Billions.  This thumb-rule calculation speaks of net-worth of our company intellectual property which when evaluated may run into few billions of dollars.  With  more than 50 molecules having potential for our future pipeline, our aim and objective is to enter into strategic long term partnerships with win win situation who can share common goals and ambitions to bring the drugs to the market to alleviate the sufferings of the human beings from dreaded diseases.