(Ghana Kashaya)-Ayurveda Shastric Yoga                         


Derived formulation from Original AYURVEDIC TEXTS and proved with In-silico studies.


Helps in fighting viruses by improving immunity

Safe with No Side Effects.

Helps Improves Appetite

Helps Eliminates Pulmonary disorders

Helps in boosting Immunity in short time

Helps in Eliminating sleep disorders

Helps Improve platelets count

100 ML SHAREEFA helps in recover from major symptoms in shortest time.


In the current context of World Economic recession declared by IMF and several other international agencies, we Indians can adopt the best of the technologies provided by none else than the God Dhanvanthari the entire medicinal encyclopedias in the form of Ayurvedic texts that have provided great insights into every possible disease and virus treatments.  We as a professional technical teams in the company have researched thousands of such available ayurvedic medicines and created a computer based In-silico studies and have proven with our results that the expected medicine has 100% more potential to cure and prevent major pandemic virus in comparison with other currently used drugs Worldwide based on In-Silico studies comparison which is the scientific proof to the World.. 

Ayurveda is accepted worldwide as one of the oldest of the traditional systems of medicine. Apart from the critical role of photosynthesis, plants can also be manufactured as natural products. Natural products have been used to help human sustain its health since the start of medicine. The phytoconstituents in plants have played a crucial role in pharmaceutical discovery over the past century. The importance of the bioactive materials of plants in medicine and agriculture has stimulated significant interest in the bioactivities of substances. Despite investigations in a restricted range of plant species, all established wisdom's are relatively inadequate concerning their underlying role in nature. Therefore, the reasonable developments of natural products necessitate overall investigations on the bioactivities of these plants and their key phytochemicals. In the pharmaceutical industry, plants with a long history in ethno-medicine are a huge resource of biologically active phytoconstituent. These phytoconstituents provide medicinal and health benefits against various ailments and diseases.

SHAREEFA have found that it has antiviral against majority of virus including Hantavirus, Influenza, Influenza, Influenza, Ebola virus, HIV, etc.. The plant have extensive traditional usage.  Due to the combinational symptoms of major Viruses or any other virus having certain common elements,


SHAREEFA with a single plant extract having more than 50 effective compounds has all the abilities to fight against virus effected patients for which we have done In-Silico studies which are providing a more evidence based Ayurvedic plant extract.

The plant extract have found that it has wide range of activities like antiviral, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant etc. Phytochemistry investigations on this plant have considered are shown flavonoids, alkaloids, terpenoids etc., as the main constituents. The plant have extensive traditional usage.

We studied in-silico studies against different viral like Influenza, Hantavirus, HIV, Ebola etc., proteins by using a single plant compounds. 

We Prepared an Ayurvedic syrup based on in-silico studies of phytoconstituents. The Aqueous extract (syrup) of this plant is useful for the treatment of different viral diseases and other diseases and also it improves appetite and it improves immune system.

​Phytochemicals are selected on the basis of their importance and the biological data. Previous studies showed the plant is having different biological activities against different targets

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