SBS-Vibrios -Shrimp

Vibriosis caused by Vibrio species (Shrimp)


Vibriosis is one of the disease problems in shell fish and fin fish aquaculture. Vibrio-related infections frequently occurs in hatcheries and also commonly occurs in ponds.


 Vibriosis is caused by the gram negative(-Ve) bacteria in the family: Vibrionaceae least 15 species.


Those 15 vibrio types are:

  1. Vibrio Cholera

  2. Vibrio Harveyi

  3. Vibrio Splendidus

  4. Vibrio Parahaemolyticus

  5. Vibrio Alginolyticus

  6. Vibrio Anguillaram

  7. Vibrio Vulnificus

  8. Vibrio Campbelli

  9. Vibrio Fischeri

  10. Vibrio Damsella

  11. Vibrio Pelagicus

  12. Vibrio Orientalis

  13. Vibrio Ordalli

  14. Vibrio Mediterrani

  15. Vibrio Logei


Vibriosis causes mortality of cultured shrimp Worldwide.




Vibrio cholera is a comma shaped ,gram (-Ve)negative Bacterium.


In the sea water they attaches them selves to the chitin containing shells of crabs ,shrimps and other shell fish.


  1. It is highly motile,comma shaped. Hydrophilic, gram-negative rod.

  2. It is a facultative inaerobe and can undergo respiratory and fermentative metabolism


  1. Vibrio Cholera is a bacterial disease causes severe gut damage to the shrimp,which is called as   white-gut-disease.

  2. Vibrio cholera in the intestine ,where it then causes diarrhea .It can spread like anything in seawater and infects all other shrimps.

  3. This is a dangerous disease which causes high mortality in shrimp culture.

  4. Rapid rate of spreading into other shrimps damages the culture very badly




Vibrio harveyi is a gram (-Ve),biolumenesent marine bacterium in the genus Vibrio. V.harvey is rod shaped motile(via polar flagella) facultatively anaerobic, halophilic and competent for both fermentative and respiratory metabolism.


Scientific Name : Vibrio Harveyi

Higher classification: Vibrio

Rank : Species

Family : Proteobacteria


A biological Protocol for the isolation and Identification of current species of Vibrio in sea food


  1. Journal of Applied Microbiology : 2003,95,1277-1284

  2. Doi: 10.1046/J.1365-2672.2003.02015.X



1Lt of Vibriocon Mix throughly and mix it in 200 Ltrs of water then add it into 4 lakh Ltrs of water or 1 acre pond.twice a day morning and evening.



Vibrio Algoinolyticus is a halophilic organism formerly regarded as boitype 2 of Vibrio parahaemolyticus.It fails to grow on CLED agar but grows in the presense of…


It is a marine gram (-ve)negative bacterium very pathogenic in food microbiology.

(sea food poisoning)Vibrio alginolyticus infection in the white shrimp Litopenacus vannawei confirmed by polymeraze chain reaction and 165 rdna sequencing…… a gram(-Ve) negative rod shaped Vibrio alginolyticus identified and isolated in Thaiwaneseculture ponds.



Aliivibrio Fischeri is a gram negative, rod shaped bacterium found globally in marine environments. A Fischeri has bioluminicent properties.









  • Control of the aliifischeri with 2.5 ltrs mix in 500 ltrs fresh water and equally distributed into hector pond



Vibrio fulvialis is a water born bacterium first isolated from patients with severe diaeehea in Bahrain in the 1970s and is considered to be vast emerging pathogen.

Vibrio fulvialis is a gram negative bacterium. It has a straight to slightly curved rod cell morphology that is motile by means of polar flagella.It is a sodium chloride requiring, oxidaze-positive,nitrate-positive organism that ferments D-glucose and other Carbohydrates.

Vibrio fulvialis is an important cause of cholera-like bloody diarrhea and causes would infection with primary septicemia.

Food poisoning caused by this organism , especially due to consumption of raw shellfish


Treatment/prevention/cure of vibrio fulvialis consists of 2-5 ltrs of our medicine mix in 500 ltrs of fresh water and add into hector pond.


The species in VIBRIONACEAE family causes different characteristics of  Vibriosis.  This Vibriosis can be controlled by treatment of  one or two molecules combinedly to prevent Vibriosis.  According to conditions either one or two molecules can be used to control Vibriosis.  The treatment consists of water application.  Mixture of Vibrio species causes damage can also be prevented by these molecules.