Red Disease (Fish)-SBS-RS-Fish



Aeromonas hydrophila is a heterotrophic, gram (-ve)negative ,rod shaped bacterium mainly found in the areas with a warm climate. Found in fresh and brackish water.It can survive in both aerobic and anaerobic environment and can digest materials like gelatin and hemoglobin.

Aeromonas hydrophilia is a non-spore forming, gram (-Ve)negative, pleomorphic bacillus with a monotrichous flagellum. It is a fermentative, oxidaze – (+Ve) positive , facultative anaerobe frequently found in fresh water and sewage. Usually considered a pathogen of fish and causes diarrheal disease in humans. Food poisoning , Incubation period 12 - 48 hours .Grows below 0 degree centigrade. This organism is heat sensitive and pasteurization at 700 C for safety to eliminate this bacteria. It is called as Red disease.



Treatment consists of 2.5 Ltrs  of our product mix in 500 Ltrs of fresh water and equally distribute into Hector Pond Which controls the Aeromonas Hydrophila.