Larvae Level Controls of Mosquitoes & house flies with a Newer Molecules


Our discovery is focused on  Control of Larvae of the house  and Mosquitoes.

We have carried out  In-silco / In-vivo. Both The Studies on House flies and Mosquitoes  and observed control by Destruction of the Organisms at Larvae stage. This has Happened by Blocking Translation of genetic information from DNA and Denaturation of Reproductive Protein products from active site.

Further studies of these molecules are under detailed In-Vitro studies with the following Objectives 


  1. To optimize and formulate the dosage of DNA binder molecule (DBM) for the conduction of larvicidal bioassay (WHO, 2005) against two mosquito species, Aedes aegypti and Anopheles stephensi. 

  2. To establish dose-response relationship of DBM against larvae (I to IV instar stages) and pupae of Ae. aegypti and An. stephensi, maintained in the laboratory (Phase I, WHO-Protocol). 

  3. To assess the growth-regulatory effects of DBM on the larvae (I to IV instar stages) and pupae of Ae. aegypti and An. stephensi, in terms of morphological aberrations and developmental abnormalities.

  4. To identify the alterations in reproductive system and reproductive fitness of adult mosquitoes emerged from the DBM-exposed larvae

  5. To investigate the DBM induced genotoxicity in the exposed larvae of Ae. aegypti and An. stephensi. Study the effect on total genome and mutational changes. 

  6. To set-up different microcosms in the field conditions with safety measures and conduct bioassays with DBM formulation against larvae (I to IV instar stages) and pupae to optimize the ratio for promising effects in fields (Phase II, WHO-Protocol).