Human Diseases Drug Discoveries

On the Human diseases, our discoveries with In-Silico results have shown great potential for TB cure with single molecule for several forms of TB(IC50  value is 70-200nm), Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer, Type-2 diabetes, AML, prostate cancer, Liquid and solid tumors, lung cancer(Delta G -12.86, Disociation constant - in pico moles -Compound number 78, DeltaG -12.54, Dissociation constant - in pico moles -Compound number 54)  , oral & lukaemia Cancer, Inflammation and auto immune disorder, H.I.V, fungal protein, malaria, Dengue, Diabetes, TB, Anti-Malarial, Anti-HIV,  Anti-Cancer, Dengue, Chicken Guinea, Hanta Virus, Ebola, Influenza Virus, Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic (NSAID),  Alzheimers,  Pimple Care,  Sunburn Control,  Weight loss, Weight gain, Hair growth, Anti-Hair fall, Wound Healer, Mosquito Control, Houseflies Control, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Amoebic Agents, Anthelmintic, Dead Skin Removal,