Aqua Feed - Grow Fast

  • Antioxidants plays a major role in aquaculture like in shrimp and fish, which promotes growth and increases immunity.

  • Sadhagama Biosciencies studying on the genetic site which increment/decrement growth of the shrimp/fish,we subjected some molecules to the genetic site where we observed decrement  in weight by oxidising the genetic site, by changing the drug design  reduction to genetic site observed weight incrementing by 20-25%, these molecules are powerful antioxidants ,immunisers which can help faster growth of the shrimp/fish.

  • Within less time,more growth is occuring and are protecting the shrimp from viral diseases for certain time i.e 15 days,so this weight gaining molecule which is an immunizer protecting  shrimp culture from whitespot syndrome virus which is a preventive protocol,we are subjected this molecule to prevent WSSV ,we got lower potentiation against WSSV I.e Binding energy =-6.75  kcal