Anti Viral Products

This is first time in the History of Modern developed World with advanced technologies and scientific research community was enjoyment the greatest developments of Human comfort and destruction the World has even though ignored the outbreak of the pandamics has infected Millions of people and killed facing major economic disaster and global lockdown beyond the imagination of the Developed and Developing countries.  

Sadhgama Biosciences Drug Discovery team took this challenge at the back drop of our past experience in the Vibrios Control and sincerely attempted to find the best route and potential drug for the majority of Virus.  

We have screened more than 100+ plant based phytochemical compounds and finally zeroed in the best result oriented Phytochemical Medicinal extract with In-Silico studies proving the efficacy and accuracy of the potential solution to treat majority of viruses.

Against the back drop of our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi with a call the Indians to innovate using Ayurveda, we took the challenge and successfully developed the Plant based phytochemical extract which works very effectively against the viruses and obtained Provisional Patent and Manufacturing and sale Licence as per GMP standards facility as per AYUSH guidelines.

Sadhgama Biosciences also has  in this short term discovery with synthetic molecules  with In-Silico results showing -10.38.  One of these synthetic molecules will be converted into Disinfectant solution and we are looking for strong marketing partners to provide the ultimate disinfectant for a whole range of sanitation solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications.