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Focusing on innovations of any of the potential products/drugs for human, animal and aquaculture applications  as well as developing sustainable decentralized clean energy eco-system to realize pollution free environment.



To bring  the world a new set of molecules of the century that could revolutionize the cost dynamics and productivity standards. This will be done with single and multi molecule effectively working for numerous strains of viruses and become a globally recognized innovative R&D and Pharmaceuticals company to treat the poor and rich equally.

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M/s Sadhgama Biosciences have a suite of inventions in the direction of aquaculture. 

The use of Bioinformatics  and Drug Discovery tools and with the deep knowledge and experience has led to screening of around 50000 plus potential molecules discovering around 100 plus molecules showing results towards the elimination of major life threatening diseases for humans.


M/s Sadhgama Biosciences Pvt. Ltd

has been instrumental in acquiring advanced skills in Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery and exploring In-Silico methodology of discovering potential target drugs for viral and bacterial diseases.  With 18 years of hands on experience in the field of molecular modelling, ligand and structure based drug designing besides vast experience in developing synthetic compound databases we  found passion to discover new drug molecules which were never invented in the past one century with potential disease targets towards TB, Cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer's etc. for human beings and Probiotics for Plant and Animal feed applications.